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Founded more than 10 years ago Esineng produce a cost-effective high quality solar panel that' s name is known and supplied all over the global.

The company is a small and medium-sized professional manufacturer of solar photovoltaic panels. It has long been exporting business through foreign trade companies. Now the company decide to carry out foreign trade business independently. The owners saw an opening in the market for high energy consuming equipment to be combined with solar to dramatically reduce running costs for customers and also play a responsible part to reduce potential global warming.

Joining forces with their sister refrigeration company they started designing solar/refrigeration systems that utilize 100% of the sun's energy in various system configurations.In addition, in order to give full play to the advantages of new energy, the company focused on the refrigeration field, and strive to create a series of energy-saving, environmentally friendly refrigeration products. This has set new heights in technology for renewable energy options.

We also have a cold room monitoring system, which can monitor the real-time status of the cold room on the mobile phone, including the temperature, the amount of goods, whether the door is closed, etc., and is equipped with an alarm to detect problems in the cold storage as soon as possible to reduce losses.

At the same time of production and sales, the company pays attention to technological innovation, provides users with the overall solution of solar refrigeration system, and provides customers with a truly operational, manageable, safe and reliable refrigeration system intelligent management platform. Integrity, mutual benefit and continuous innovation are the core values of our company.

Taizhou Xinneng Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Our company is a small and medium-sized enterprise specializing in the production of solar photovoltaic panels.


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Currently, we provide refrigeration solutions for small and medium-sized cold rooms. We have on-grid and off-grid solar systems to choose from, and provide different solar power solutions according to different regions and different countries. The solar refrigeration system is very suitable for areas without electricity or expensive electricity. The full DC inverter refrigeration unit can save 30%-50% energy than normal fixed frequency refrigeration units.Less than 3 years,the saved bills can buy another same machine.

Although the company was established not long ago, it has been recognized by the majority of users in the same industry. The company follows the principle of taking credit as the foundation, being a person with sincerity, and accomplishing things with morality. It controls the advantages of refrigeration raw materials in East China and provides high-quality service and price guarantee for domestic and foreign enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region.

All along, our company with high-quality products and thoughtful service, won the praise of the majority of users. All along, our company adheres to the principle of honesty, reputation first and quality first, and serves the new and old customers wholeheartedly.

We hope to promote each other, develop together and create a better future through sincere and friendly cooperation.

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