• Cummins Generator Series

    Cummins Generator Series

    Cummins Inc., a global power leader, is a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and serve engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana (USA), Cummins serves customers in approximately 190 countries and territories through a network of more than 500 company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 5,200 dealer locations.

  • MTU Generator Series

    MTU Generator Series

    MTU is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines with its history can be traced back to 1909. Together with MTU Onsite Energy, MTU is one of the leading brands of Mercedes-Benz Systems and it has always continually been at the forefront of technological progress. MTU Engines is the ideal motor to drive diesel power plant.

    Featuring with low fuel consumption, long service intervals and low emissions, Sutech MTU diesel generator sets are vastly used in transportation sector, buildings, telecom, schools, hospitals, ships, oil fields and industrial power supplying area etc.

  • Perkins Generator Series

    Perkins Generator Series

    For more than 80 years, UK Perkins has been the world’s leading supplier of diesel and gas engines in the 4-2,000 kW (5-2,800 hp) market. Perkins key strength is its ability to tailor engines precisely to meet customers’ requirements, which is why its engine solutions are trusted by more than 1,000 leading manufacturers in the industrial, construction, agricultural, materials handling and electrical power generation markets. Perkins global product support is provided by 4,000 distribution, parts and service centers.

  • SDEC Generator Series

    SDEC Generator Series

    Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (SDEC), with SAIC Motor Corporation Limited as its main shareholder, is a large state-owned high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development and manufacture of engines, engine parts and generator sets, possessing a state-level technical center, a postdoctoral working station, world-level automatic production lines and a quality assurance system that meets passage cars standards. Its former was Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory that was established in 1947 and was restructured into a stock-shared company in 1993 with shares of A and B.

  • Volvo Generator Series

    Volvo Generator Series

    Volvo series environment consciousness Gen Set of its exhaust emission comply with EURO II or EURO III & EPA standards. It is powered by VOLVO PENTA electronic fuel injection diesel engine that is made by the global-famous Swedish VOLVO PENTA. VOLVO brand is established in 1927. For a long time, its strong brand is associated with its three core values: quality, safety and care for the environment. T

  • ZBW (XWB) Series AC Box-Type Substation

    ZBW (XWB) Series AC Box-Type Substation

    The ZBW (XWB) series of AC box-type substations combine high-voltage electrical equipment, transformers, and low-voltage electrical equipment into a compact complete set of power distribution devices, which are used in urban high-rise buildings, urban and rural buildings, residential quarters, high-tech development zones, small and medium-sized Plants, mines, oil fields, and temporary construction sites are used to receive and distribute electrical energy in the power distribution system.

  • GGD AC Low-Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

    GGD AC Low-Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet

    GGD AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet is suitable for power users such as power plants, substations, industrial enterprises and other power users as AC 50HZ, rated working voltage 380V, rated current to 3150A power distribution system as power, lighting and power conversion equipment , Distribution and control. The product has high breaking capacity, rated short-time withstand current up to 50KAa, flexible circuit scheme, convenient combination, strong practicability, and novel structure.

  • MNS-(MLS) Type Low Voltage Switchgear

    MNS-(MLS) Type Low Voltage Switchgear

    MNS type low-voltage switchgear (hereinafter referred to as low-voltage switchgear) is a product that our company combines with the development trend of our country’s low-voltage switchgear, improves the selection of its electrical components and cabinet structure, and re-registers it.The electrical and mechanical properties of the product fully meet the technical requirements of the original MNS product.

  • GCK, GCL Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear

    GCK, GCL Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear

    GCK, GCL series low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is designed by our company according to the needs of users. It has the characteristics of advanced structure, beautiful appearance, high electrical performance, high protection level, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance. It is used in metallurgy, petroleum and chemical industries. It is an ideal power distribution device for low-voltage power supply systems in industries such as electricity, machinery, textiles and so on. It is listed as the recommended product for the transformation of the two networks and the ninth batch of energy-saving products.

  • Roof Mounted Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

    Roof Mounted Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

    Both the roof mounted monoblock and wall mounted monoblock refrigeration unit have exactly the same performance but offer different installation locations.

    The roof mounted unit works very well where the internal space of the room is limited because it does not occupy any space inside.

    The evaporator box is formed by Polyurethane foaming and has very good thermal insulation properties.

  • Wall Mounted Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

    Wall Mounted Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

    Full DC inverter solar monoblock refrigeration unit with AC/DC universal performance (AC 220V/50Hz/60Hz or 310V DC input), the unit adopts Shanghai HIGHLY DC inverter compressor, variable frequency drive, and carel control board, carel Electronic expansion valve, carel pressure sensor, carel temperature sensor, carel liquid crystal display controller, Danfoss sight glass and other international famous brand accessories. The unit achieves energy savings of 30%-50% compared to the same power fixed frequency compressor.

  • Open Type Unit

    Open Type Unit

    Air-cooling is where the air-cooled heat pump is a central air-conditioning unit that uses air as the cold (heat) source and water as the cold (heat) medium. As an integrated equipment for both cold and heat sources, the air-cooled heat pump eliminates many auxiliary parts such as cooling towers, water pumps, boilers and corresponding piping systems. The system has simple structure, saves installation space, convenient maintenance and management, and saves energy, especially suitable for areas lacking water resources.

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