Condensing Unit

  • Roof Mounted Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

    Roof Mounted Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

    Both the roof mounted monoblock and wall mounted monoblock refrigeration unit have exactly the same performance but offer different installation locations.

    The roof mounted unit works very well where the internal space of the room is limited because it does not occupy any space inside.

    The evaporator box is formed by Polyurethane foaming and has very good thermal insulation properties.

  • Wall Mounted Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

    Wall Mounted Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

    Full DC inverter solar monoblock refrigeration unit with AC/DC universal performance (AC 220V/50Hz/60Hz or 310V DC input), the unit adopts Shanghai HIGHLY DC inverter compressor, variable frequency drive, and carel control board, carel Electronic expansion valve, carel pressure sensor, carel temperature sensor, carel liquid crystal display controller, Danfoss sight glass and other international famous brand accessories. The unit achieves energy savings of 30%-50% compared to the same power fixed frequency compressor.

  • Open Type Unit

    Open Type Unit

    Air-cooling is where the air-cooled heat pump is a central air-conditioning unit that uses air as the cold (heat) source and water as the cold (heat) medium. As an integrated equipment for both cold and heat sources, the air-cooled heat pump eliminates many auxiliary parts such as cooling towers, water pumps, boilers and corresponding piping systems. The system has simple structure, saves installation space, convenient maintenance and management, and saves energy, especially suitable for areas lacking water resources.

  • Water Chiller

    Water Chiller

    Water-cooled unit commonly known as freezer, chiller, ice water machine, freezing water machine, cooling machine, etc., because of the wide use of all walks of life, so the name is countless.The principle of its properties is a multifunctional machine that removes liquid vapors through a compression or heat absorption refrigeration cycle.The steam compression chiller consists of four main components of the steam compression refrigeration cycle compressor, evaporator, condenser, and part of the metering device in the form of a different refrigerant.